The client:

Diversity is our superpower. —Continuum

Continuum is a global innovation and design consultancy with a staff that includes anthropologists, architects, brand strategists, business strategists, economists, electrical, mechanical and software engineers, psychologists, and designers from multiple disciplines. These thinkers and creators uncover what matters and collectively design experiences, products, and services that make a difference in people’s lives.

The challenge:

In their Boston headquarters, Continuum had grown over time in a leased space, and found that departments within the firm had become disconnected. They sought better connectivity both horizontally, across the floors, and vertically, between the two stories. The space needed to be flexible and include unique program elements, such as a model shop and a garage door to bring in large client products—even cars.

The design team needed to create an effective work environment for a wide-ranging staff that works with an even wider range of clients.

The team also had to renovate the space while it was still occupied, and work within a limited budget.

The solutions:

The large central lobby serves several functions. It anchors the reception area, links the two floors with a spacious stair, and provides event space that has hosted everything from parties to a skateboard park. The vibrant orange wall in an otherwise neutral space provides an energizing focal point.

The overall configuration allows clients to tour public areas easily and gain a clear sense of how Continuum works, while keeping confidential workrooms and prototype development spaces private.

The flexible desk system for staff workspaces allows teams to reconfigure quickly and easily.

The results:

The clean loft-like environment both fosters and showcases the Continuum culture of innovation and exploration, and provides the staff with flexible, functional spaces and amenities.

With Sasaki Associates

Photography by Robert Benson